Top 4 Men’s Fashion Sandals: Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

mens fashion sandals 2

We all know that summer is the season of beaches and barbeques. But, do you know who the biggest fan of summer is? Your feet – it’s their breathing time. And what’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions summer and men’s footwear? That’s right: fashion sandals. As a lightweight footwear silhouette, […]

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Top Men’s Wallets: Review of 4 Great Designer Wallets

mens stylish wallet

How is the image of every man created? Is there something that needs to be considered beside clothes, hairstyle, shoes, and eye-catchy watch? That’s right. Wallets. Everyone knows that men’s wallets are a necessary accessory, but did you know that they can also make a fashion statement? What’s the thing with men’s wallets? Can their […]

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Trendy Watches for Women: Wanna Stay Classy and Chic?

women's fashion watches

I… I have a confession to make. No, seriously. I have an addiction. And please tell me I’m not alone in this. Okay, so, who here is crazy for watches? I believe that I speak in the name of every woman when I say that watches are women’s favorite accessory. Am I right, ladies? There’s […]

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Clear Lens Fashion Glasses: 2014 Trends and Top 4 Models

fashion glasses 2

Remember those times when eyeglasses were anything but flattering? Ugh, I’m glad that time is over. So, you have decided to join the group of millions of glasses wearers worldwide, huh? In that case, you should know that the eyeglasses you wear can make or break the look you have. Nowadays, eyeglasses are classified as […]

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Review: Top 4 Men’s Fashion Jeans – 2014 Trends

mens fashion jeans

In the past, it seemed like men were allergic to fashion. Luckily, those times are waaay behind us. Is being fashionable complicated now? Not at all; it’s all about knowing the coolest and latest trends. Now, let’s see: what’s the most powerful clothing piece that men own? Jeans. The most versatile piece of clothing. Why […]

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Men’s Fashion Sunglasses: 4 Awesome Models for 2014

mens fashion sunglasses

Are you ready to keep that sexy look on your face while making a fashion statement? Well aren’t you a lucky guy today! I prepared a little guide in men’s fashion sunglasses for 2014. In the last years, eyewear trends for men have become anything but boring. We’re now living in an era where men’s […]

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Vintage Evening Clutch Bags: Latest Trends and Best Models

vintage clutch bags

There’s one thing that makes women feel safe and secure. Three-letters word. Oh, please tell me that “man” wasn’t the first thing that crossed through your mind. Bag. The word we’re looking for is bag. The only thing you can add to your cocktail dress, tailored suit or prom grown that will transform your look. […]

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Trendy Watches for Men Under $400: What’s IN This Season?

mens watches

Let me guess: you’re part of the battle to be the smartest and most successful person while looking your best, right? I mean, after all, it’s not our fault that we live in such modern and hectic day and age. Now, what’s the most important thing when it comes to looking your best? That’s right: […]

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